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Talk Me Down

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Sometimes people talk me down,

Uh-huh, they say to me

Anytime, it gets me down,

It's good nobody sees me.


Somestimes when I'm all alone,

Uh-huh most every day,

Everytime I telephone, I don't know what to say --

they--Talk me down, one and all, then

Ask me why I call...


Not much left for me to do,

As if I didn't care!

Talk me down, is nothing new

But I don't think it's fair

To Talk me down, one and all, then

Ask me why I called...



Maybe someday, I'll have found

Uh-huh, won't have to be

Just another talk me down

Uh-huh, won't have to be, me...

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

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Composer: Sean Bonniwell